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Being in a band is often a cheap alternative to therapy. It allows an outlet for feelings its members can’t articulate. It provides a space for physical inhibitions to be let loose. For Big Nothing’s Liz Parsons, the need for that mental nourishment became evident when she moved to Philadelphia. She found herself fitting into the city nicely, yet felt isolated and empty. Her new home was one of America’s musical epicenters - a big reason she moved there - and she didn’t plan on wasting any time filling the indie rock shaped hole in her life. She shot a text to guitarist Pat Graham, who recently had a conversation with drummer Chris Jordan about starting a new project. Once Matt Quinn caught wind of the three playing music together - he begged to bring his Rickenbacker tone into the mix.


After jamming out some Voice Memo riffs – Big Nothing was here to stay. Sonically, big nothing find themselves borrowing cues from indie mainstays like Superchunk and The Replacements. It’s clear that they are trying to unhinge themselves from patterns they’ve repeated in the past, but they’re also not afraid to blast the tried and true methods of rock and roll. Their live shows mirror the honesty of their albums. Big Nothing is a genuine rock band.



  1. Always On My Mind
  2. A Lot Of Finding Out
  3. Still Sorta Healing
  4. Don't Tell Me
  5. Curiosity
  6. Dog Hours
  7. Make Believe
  8. Accents
  9. Back The Way
  10. What I Wanna Say



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Big Nothing - Dog Hours

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