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Imagine a world where The Saints held onto the raw-throated, full-throttle rock’n’roll of their mighty first three albums. Where Radio Birdman are rightly held up as one of the all-time great bands. Where the Wipers never left the driving punk rock of ‘Is This Real?’ behind for the post-kraut-psych-whatever of the (admittedly still totally ragin’) ‘Youth Of America’, and simply kickstarted a revolution.


That’s the sort of reality where Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters would be best appreciated. Where driving rhythms, crunching power chords and the sound of a man howling ‘YOU’RE GONNA GET EATEN ALIVE’ are the adrenaline-pumping soundtrack to the everyday. Where an album like ‘Waiting In A Corner’ is heralded as a goddamn classic upon arrival, and worshipped as a vital instrument in setting souls on fire and lifting spirits everywhere. Where… aww, you get the idea.


  1. 1 Intro
  2. If Only You Knew
  3. Been Waiting
  4. Eaten Alive
  5. Too Many Years
  6. Dealing Again
  7. Look Me In The Eyes
  8. Feel It
  9. Outro



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Jackson Reid Briggs and The Heaters - Waiting In A Corner

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    Drunken Sailor Records

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