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Only a glance at the vast catalogs of cousins Mike and Nate Kinsella shows how wide their musical interests have always been, from the idiosyncratic experiments of Nate’s Birthmark and his time in the great Make Believe to Mike’s twisting path among Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, and Owen. But at least right now, Nate and Mike’s most recognizable work together may be their contributions to American Football, a band that entered its celebrated second act after a 14-year absence.


Lies, the new Kinsella cousin duo, represents the first time they have written together without anyone else. What’s more, their gripping self-titled debut, Lies, rewrites the way Nate and Mike are expected to sound, breaking free of what could have come to define them. Lies charts the sometimes-difficult terrain of what it is to navigate a relationship, to power past feelings of deceit and doubt and move forward, toward an amorphous hope.


Electric blue with orange & red splatter vinyl 



  • 1.Blemishes
  • 2.Echoes
  • 3.Corbeau
  • 4.Resurrection
  • 5.Broken
  • 6.Camera Chimera
  • 7.Summer Somewhere
  • 8.No Shame
  • 9.Rouge Vermouth
  • 10.Knife
  • 11.Sympathetic



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Lies - Lies

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    Big Scary Monsters

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