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Hardly Art debut by new, NY-based duo Lily Konigsberg (of Palberta, solo work) and Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes). The closer you are to someone, the crueler you can treat them, but if they love you, they’re inclined to forgive you. My Idea’s Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos forgive each other now, but they were in a bad way when they recorded Cry Mfer — which is not to say their debut album is some kind of sonic bum out. Cry Mfer proves you can still make pop music while spiraling, as evidenced by the existence of “Breathe You,” a bop all about fucking Nate constructed while “high as shit in my room making fun of Justin Bieber,” the vocals of which Lily tracked while “blindly sad” and “genuinely devastated.” They’re best friends now, and they were best friends when they recorded Cry Mfer last year, but they didn’t know that yet. (“We definitely were like, oh, maybe we're in love?” Lily recalls; it was a confusing time.) Cry Mfer is the sound of two people figuring out what they mean to one another “in the midst of,” quoth Nate, “a bunch of other chaos,” up to and including being drunk as skunks; when listening to the album, Nate can “smell” the aforementioned chaos. “Thank God we're not those people [anymore],” Lily, with the clarity of newfound sobriety, marvels.


First run on coloured vinyl



  • 1.Cry Mfer [4:14]
  • 2.Crutch
  • 3.Baby I'm the Man
  • 4.Lily's Phone
  • 5.Breathe You
  • 6.Not Afraid Anymore
  • 7.Yea
  • 8.One Tree Hell
  • 9.I Can't Dance Part 2
  • 10.Pretty You
  • 11.I Should Have Never Generated You
  • 12.Popstar
  • 13.Yr a Blur
  • 14.Ouch (Cry Mfer) (Digital Bonus Track)
  • 15.Breathe You (Beat Version) (Digital Bonus Track)


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My Idea - Cry Mfer

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