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Remastered version. The self titled third album from 1999. Flaunting their 70s-rock influences proudly, Supergrass continue to sound like the world's greatest garage band with a sackful of studio toys. These guys know what makes a good pop song: Pumping On Your Stereo is practically shouting out for an audience of handclaps, while Shotover Hill makes use of that oft-neglected instrument, the kettle drum. With Supergrass, the boys have again demonstrated how much they've grown up. Pop music, yes, but definitely not kid's stuff.


Orange vinyl variant



  • 1.Moving
  • 2.Your Love
  • 3.What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
  • 4.Beautiful People
  • 5.Shotover Hill
  • 6.Eon
  • 7.Mary
  • 8.Jesus Came From Outta Space
  • 9.Pumping On Your Stereo
  • 10.Born Again
  • 11.Faraway
  • 12.Mama & Papa


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Supergrass - Supergrass

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