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Repressed for the first time in ages on very limited blue / green galaxy vinyl.


Oxford, UK's This Town Needs Guns has been building an ever-growing fan base since the release of their debut album Animals in March 2009, which garnered critical acclaim from fans and press alike. Animals highlights the bands intricate balance between indie rock, catchy pop and technical prowess, all while ignoring the lure of special effects and studio wizardry. 


Dreamy spires and Inspector Morse, Oxford's much more than a university city, it's a musical hotbed with a habit of producing important bands, capable of re-shaping genres and planting large markers in the sand. Radiohead with their illustrious career, arguably the most important band this country has seen in decades. Foals, taking intelligent, "math" pop to the masses. And now This Town Needs Guns, the darling buds of the thriving indie scene. Pushing to find that perfect balance between intricate indie rock and catchy pop, inspired by the increasingly influential Chicago indie scene and some of it's occupants (past and present) such as Owls, Don Caballero, Cap n Jazz, Maps and Atlases and more. Entering the studio in April 2008, TTNG set about recording their debut album, a collection of songs written since the release of 2007's acclaimed split EP with Cats And Cats And Cats, which featured their celebrated track, '26 Is Dancier Than 4'. Ignoring the lure of special effects and studio wizardry, 'Animals' was born. Pure, stripped down and allowing the clever songwriting to shine through for all to see, the phrase "accomplished musicians" barely scratches the surface. Tim Collis' guitar sounds as though it's being caressed by 6 hands as his brother, Chris, flings his sticks around the drum kit not wanting to leave any tiny patch un-touched. Bassist Dan Adams completes the rhythm section with his dancey, jazz influenced bass lines whilst Stuart Smith's vocals dip and soar, taking this record from thought provoking depths to sky-high triumphs


For Fans Of: Maps and Atlases, Joan Of Arc, Cap n Jazz and Braid.



01. Chinchilla

2. Baboon

3. Lemur

4. Badger

5. Quetzel

6. Panda

7. Elk

8. Pig

9. Gibbon

10. Dog

11. Crocodile

12. Rabbit


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This Town Needs Guns - Animals

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