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Smithdown Road is changing and we spent a day meeting the people making it happen

Defend Vinyl

Graham Jones, from record shop Defend on Smithdown Road. (Image: James Maloney/Liverpool Echo)

Standing out on the street with a vibrant yellow shop front, the Defend Vinyl record store recently moved into its new premises on Smithdown Road, after owner Graham Jones decided to expand the store's offering.

From jazz to funk and soul records and specialising in indie and alternative American punk, the record shop first opened its doors elsewhere on Smithdown back in October 2016. 

Graham told the Echo: “I always wanted to do more, like sell t-shirts and books but I was so restricted by the size of the shop. It's a real mix of people that come to the area, not just students.

"A lot of my customers have been buying records all their life and then you get young people who are just starting out buying records for the first time which is nice to see.

"It used to be known as just a place for students to come but because there’s so many businesses opening over the last couple of years there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot to offer."

He added: “It does feel like it’s thriving, there’s a lot of independents opening.

“And I think there will be more businesses opening as time goes on, it’s exciting.”

Liverpool Echo 11/08/19: News
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