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Elvis At Defend!

We were honoured to have a very special guest at Defend Vinyl at the beginning of 2022 - Elvis Costello made a second visit, this time to host an amazing three and a half hour Pirate Radio Show from the Defend basement.

Not only did he play a song from the very first Defend Vinyl Records release, Silent Sleep's 'Stay The Night, Stay The Morning Too', he also performed a song live from his brand new album 'The Boy Named If'.

As if that wasn't special enough, Elvis has gone out of his way to talk about the shop on his promotional appearances for his excellent new album. Here in a interview on BBC 5 Live he discusses how much the Pirate Radio Show meant to him following the loss of his mother in 2021:

Upon his return to the US, Elvis appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he entertained Stephen, the live audience and the viewers all over America with the story of how the Pirate Radio Show came into being.

We can't thank Elvis enough for his continued support of Defend Vinyl and independent record shops all over the world, it's meant so much to us.

Read what Elvis had to say about the event at his website here:!/news/300048


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