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After earning recognition as the guitarist and vocalist for Really Big Pinecone, Mikey Buishas is stepping out to launch his first solo album, 0 Stars, which he describes in his deadpan way as “an experimental archaeology project.”


Buishas, a Brooklyn-based musician, is well known for a smart, off-beat sensibility, having embraced music experimentation for much of his musical career. And in 0 Stars debut album Blowing on a Marshmallow In Perpetuity, he continues his search for insight and other worldly sounds while exhibiting mastery of a wide range of instruments: pump organ, cello, piano, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, flute, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, synth and—in his words—"thunder, crumpled paper, walnuts and wood chips in a cup.”

Buishas explains his recording process on O Stars with characteristic humor and modesty: “All songs were written in one day as part of an ongoing song-a-day project, then recorded on an eternally broken reel-to-reel in a little house in Red Hook, Brooklyn,” he explains. “This process manifests itself as writing songs that are hard for me to sing, learning new instruments, intentionally having songs crumble before they get off the ground, trying to harness some wabi-sabi vibes, etc.”


O Stars features some of the same self-deprecating humor found in the music of Really Big Pinecone. But Buishas concedes that producing a mostly solo album—several friends contribute on some of the tracks—creates a different kind of challenge than a band project. “A solo album gives me less to hide behind,” he says. “Most of the songs are decidedly less rock-and-roll-y and the general vibe is a bunch of junior high kids hanging out in the band room after school, trying out new instruments and singing about heartbreak.”


Rolling Stone once described the songs of Really Big Pinecone as being “under three minutes, but packing miniature worlds into each.” You could say the same about Blowing on a Marshmallow in Perpetuity, out August 30th on Babe City Records.


1. Tell the Difference (0:27)

2. Zero (01:41)

3. Who You Are (02:20)

4. Secret (01:54)

5. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (01:08)

6. Dance of Crumblina (0:57)

7. No Secret (02:04)

8. Alone (02:26)

9. Round 2 (03:07)

10. (Secret) (03:30)

11. Real Love Song (01:54)

12. Jolly Heartbeat (03:32)



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0 Stars - Blowing on a Marshmallow in Perpetuity

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