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Cody ChesnuTT’s landmark 2002 double album, The Headphone Masterpiece. It’s a sprawling work reminiscent of the golden age of pop radio, From sweet 60s soul to first-wave British invasion, dirty south hip hop and post-modern dream pop. In short, it is an evolution of ChesnuTT’s life experience and influences. His closest brush with mainstream success came in 2002, when the hip-hop group The Roots remade a song from his album, The Seed, for their album, Phrenology. The remade version (with ChesnuTT on guitar) was entitled The Seed (2.0) to distinguish it from Chesnutt's original version. The album features the track Look Good in Leather off the Lynx / Caveman ad campaign.


For fans of OutKast, The Roots, and D'Angelo.


All preowned vinyl professionally cleaned on a project VC-E record cleaner before shipping.


1. Magic In A Mortal Minute

2. With Me In Mind

3. Upstarts In A Blow Out

4. Boylife In America

5. Bitch. I'm Broke

6. Serve This Royalty

7. The Seed

8. Enough Of Nothing

9. Setting The System

10. The Most Beautiful Shame

11. Smoke And Love

12. Michelle

13. No One Will

14. Batman vs. Blackman

15. Up In The Treehouse

16. Can't Get No Betta'

17. She's Still Here

18. Can We Teach Each Other

19. The World Is Coming To My Party

20. Brother With An Ego

21. War Between The Sexes

22. The Make Up

23. Out Of Nowhere

24. Family On Blast

25. My Woman. My Guitars

26. Somebody's Parent

27. When I Find Time

28. Eric Burdon

29. Juicin' The Dark

30. 5 On A Joyride

31. Daylight

32. So Much Beauty In The Subconscious

33. Daddy's Baby

34. If We Don't Disagree

35. Look Good In Leather

36. 6 Seconds





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Cody ChesnuTT – The Headphone Masterpiece

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