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Voted by Kerrang! readers as the Best New Band Of The Year, their debut project Prologue… set the stage for what is one of UK’s music’s most exciting creative forces; a comic book and official soundtrack that built the foundations for the parallel universe they have teased with innovative puzzles and lore that has captivated fans. Since their inception, a wave of anticipation has surrounded the idea of a debut album; a chance for the band to set their own uniquely widescreen vision of the fullest of formats. Today, the Static Dress finally confirm details of their first album, Rouge Carpet Disaster. To go along with the album’s announcement, today Static Dress unveil such.a.shame, the third single to be taken from Rouge Carpet Disaster. A marked departure from the sound of previous singles sweet. and‘Di-sinTer, such.a.shame is characterised by a weight of emotion throughout that’s offset only by the track’s infectiously pop-leaning sensibilities. Also integrating tones of shoegaze and second wave emo, the track is one of the album’s moments with the strongest crossover appeal - a marker from a band who, after falling in love with the underground, are allowing themselves to experiment with the mainstream to enchanting effect.


Coke bottle green vinyl




  • 1.fleahouse - 3:03
  • 2.sweet. - 3:36
  • 3.Push rope - 3:06
  • 4.Attempt 8 - 2:33
  • 5.Courtney, just relax - 2:55
  • 6.Di-sinTer - 3:26
  • 7.such.a.shame - 3:19
  • 8....Maybe!!? - 3:27
  • 9.Lye solution - 3:13
  • 10.Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (Welcome In) - 1:46
  • 11.Marisol - 4:53
  • 12.cubicle dialogue - 4:16


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Static Dress - Rogue Carpet Disaster

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