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Finally it’s here! After many years, the repress arrived. This time how it was supposed to be. With new cover artwork and newly mixed songs. It's a rare but exhilarating occasion when you put on a new LP and are utterly blown away by what you hear. Every now and then, music makes you feel magically alive - makes you want to jump around, pound your fist in the air, and shout "Oh, yeah!" Listening to Grand Fury, the second major release by Los Angeles quartet the Bellrays, is such an experience. Imagine the Funhouse - era Stooges fronted by a female R&B singer instead of Iggy Pop, and you'll have a vague understanding of what the Bellrays call "maximum rock 'n' soul". Although they've drawn comparisons to the Stooges or the MC5 fronted by Tina Turner, Etta James, or Aretha Franklin, the Bellrays rightly point out that soul was an important element in those Detroit-area punks' sounds. So, in some ways, the Bellrays are just bringing out an element of early punk music that was there all along. Nonetheless, the resulting sound is startlingly unique.



  • 1 Too Many Houses in Here [3:55]
  • 2 Fire on the Moon [2:19]
  • 3 Snake City [3:16]
  • 4 Screwdriver [2:31]
  • 5 Evil Morning [5:15]
  • 6 Zero P.M. [3:36]
  • 7 Stupid Fuckin' People [2:46]
  • 8 Heat Cage
  • 9 Have a Little Faith in Me [2:31]
  • 10 Monkey House [3:50]
  • 11 Warhead [2:41]
  • 12 Under the Mountain [2:35]
  • 13 They Glued Your Head on Upside-Down [1:51]


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The BellRays - Grand Fury

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Expected 4th November 2022
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    Lonestar Records

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