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Re-issued for the first time in years!


Members of The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio reunited for a proper full length! Yep, The Falcon is back and these aren’t throw-away songs from their other bands. No ma’am, these tunes have been percolating - they are truly a departure from what you’ve heard before. There’s everything from Clash-esque ska to balls-out rock reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses. And unlike the EP where everything was tracked in their bedrooms and kitchens, they actually used a real studio this time! Genuine professionals.


Unicornography has landed!


1.The Angry Cry Of The Angry Pie


3.The La-Z-Boy 500

4.Little Triggers

5.The Celebutard Chronicles

6.The Routes We Wander

7.The Longshoreman's Lament

8.Unicorn Odyssey

9.R.L. Burnouts Inc.

10.Building The Even More Perfect Asshole Parade

11.When I Give The Signal, Run!



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The Falcon - Unicornography

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