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Emerging from the ashes of the band Church Of Void, there is a new force rising up to pursue a path in the name of doom. Fimir are set to release their blistering debut album, Tomb Of God.


Fimir were founded in 2019 by former Church Of Void members G. Funeral, Magus Corvus, H. Warlock, A.D. and Septic Apes’ drummer H. Wizzard. From a mere spark in the dark and a distant echo of forgotten riffs haunting in emptiness from a collapsed doomstar of their former band, Fimir got rid of their ghosts and started to work on their first album right away, until the world went into lockdown.


The five-piece collective, hailing from the frozen wastelands of Finland, used their time and creativity wisely, and managed to put the final touches on their upcoming debut, featuring six heavy cosmic tracks unleashing an enthralling blend of razor sharp riffage, haunting occult vibes, ambient atmospheres and classic doom metal.


For fans of Black Sabbath, Tiamat, Type O Negative, Pentagram, Church Of Void, Reverend Bizarre, Candlemass.




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Tomb Of God - Fimir

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