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THE SKINNY 20/02/17

Liverpool's best record shops

"Whether you're a first-time visitor to Liverpool or a resident with money burning a hole in your pocket, as a music fan you'll be looking for the city's best outlets of vinyl (or CDs, for that matter – hey, your physical media is your business).

Here's our guide to the best record shops in Liverpool and Merseyside....

Defend Vinyl

Record shopping returns to Smithdown Road! Once upon a time, if South Liverpool residents wanted to pick up the latest releases, all they needed to do was wander down to Penny Lane, where No Quarter Records was housed (previously and quite reasonably called Penny Lane Records). It's nearly 20 years since that was an option, however, leaving locals with the diminished options of Oxfam's second-hand section or heading to town.

Well, no more! Defend Vinyl is relatively new to the area, but sets out its stall with a promised array of indie, emo, punk, soul, hip-hop and classics, both used and new, and deliciously priced to boot. It remains to be seen as to whether the vinyl revival will be a short-lived fad or a lasting phenomenon – let's see how Brexit affects manufacturing and import costs, eh – but with the help of a loyal local following, perhaps this venture could become as treasured a local service as the aforementioned Musical Box. In short: live near the Wavertree area? Support your local indie! Smithdown Road, Liverpool."

The Skinny 20/02/17: News
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